the obviously, maybe. mission:
to rock your world by helping you rock!


yay!  we’re so glad you found us. want to know more about obviously, maybe? we’re a fun, feminist blog.

(okay, really more like a one-woman artist/blogger who loves weirdos, finding cool shit and telling you about it, a dash of snark, swank, and hey… you!)

sometimes sugary sweet, sometimes nsfw.

easily offended? this probably isn’t for you.

anything but a fully-inclusive feminist? 👆🏽 see above.

fun-loving, sex-positive, revolutionists and/or introverts who aren’t afraid to be different/themselves, nerds, and lovelies of all shapes and sizes are welcome! (I share clothes in sizes xxs-6xl. working on more. 🦄)

we’re especially for you if you love feminism (duh!), pop culture, 80’s, 90’s, 00’s and today, bad ass babes (of ALL gender identities), this yummy and/or heartbreaking moment and the optimistic potential of the future (with a dash of black-hearted pessimism, too, because we are dynamic and dichotomous creatures.)

plus i just love to share products and ideas and the occasional meme on my blog that i think you’ll love, too.

i want to help people laugh, think, revolt and bond here. i hope you’ll join the gang.

anyway, well, i’m so glad you’re here. 😘


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